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This implies that there needs to be a balance between the forms of incentives the organizations give their workers. Furthermore, the fact is that respecting and understanding diversity can also result in lesser lawsuits, increased creativity, recruitment, more marketing opportunities etc.

However, the determination of the extent to which an organization can invest in terms of human resources development depends on the financial capabilities of the company or organization Mathis, According to Gentilefairness within the workforce should be the primary priority of program initiatives for handling cultural diversity.

It is important to believe that most people, although different that others want to do the best they can in the job they have.

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Systems Theory is also useful, mostly for the purposes of evaluation and optimization of the functioning of organizations. People centered organizations strive in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

The change process might be complicated, since all employees are Caucasian and have tenure with the company. In a multinational environment, employees are likely to have different experiences and sums of knowledge. Under the new paradigm, managers lead, inspire, and understand their subordinates and colleagues; it stimulates them to transform the culture of their organizations into open, participative, and empowering; and it orients them towards an improved understanding and use of human assets.

The inclusion of employees from other ethnic groups should be gradual; this process should be constantly overseen by the manager.

According to Thomasquarreling and bickering scenarios are the most typical forms of misunderstandings that can be seen in companies and firms. Farid Elashmawi and Phillip R.

Today the term cultural diversity is also known as multiculturalism. His advice is to pay greater attention to values shared by people from different backgrounds.

One of the reasons because of which it has become very important for the people to understand and accept cultural diversification is globalization.

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Aside from determining the nature of cultural workforce diversity, past studies had also investigated on ways where diversity can wreak havoc or become advantageous to companies and firms; manners on how diversity in the workforce can be handled is also rampant.

In accordance to what was proven by other studies, implementing this mechanism of handling cultural workforce diversity is a very hard and time-consuming process.

In today's competitive business environment people from all around the world don't work in their separate business environment rather they are contributing to the economy of world.

These diversity elements in the composition of the workforce transform the issue as a unique and famous among experts.

Aside from these, they must assume the roles of advisers, motivators and the bridge to interaction to their colleagues. This is a characteristic feature of the repetitive jobs Taylor, These problems can be: The fourth stage includes the delegation of roles, identification of time limits including evaluation timetable.

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Teambuilding and enhanced communication are the first steps towards the effective use of cultural diversity for competitive advantage. As a result of all this the work practices have changed a lot and the trend has shifted towards longer working hours Losyk, Definitions -- Diversity and Culture If the word diversity is looked up in a dictionary, it can easily be noticed that it is mainly defined as the differences.

Many companies have set up special position of Equity Officer responsible for monitoring workplace situation; employees can also report cases of discrimination to this person.

United Stated and Canada are known to have the highest number of immigrants in the higher-education institute. Organizational Restructuring The huge trend of downsizing and outsourcing which is being seen all over the world has changed the structures of the organization to a great extent.

William Sonnenschein is the author of The Diversity Toolkit ( avg rating, 17 ratings, 1 review, published ), The Practical Executive And Workforc /5(1). Workforce Diversity Diversity of the workforce refers to practices and policies embraced by a company to accommodate people of different backgrounds (Chong &Baez, ).

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These might include culture, religion, race, class, and sex among others. In this essay, I would explore and discuss the term “Diversity”, its definitions, merits, demerits, its varied applications and if there is a cause and effect relationship between diversity workforce and.

Development of healthy, tolerant and productive organizational culture is only possible under the conditions of visionary intercultural management: ‘When there is weak leadership and management of diversity within an organization, a variety of problems and issues can arise’ (Sonnenschein,p).

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Excerpt from Essay: Workplace Diversity Cultural diversification is a term that has become very popular in the recent years, especially among the people working in various organizations.

Racism and Sexism”, Includes an essay by Bernita Berry, "I Just See People': Exercises in Learning the Effects of Racism and Sexism," and “Why Dialogues are Difficult or 15 Ways a Black Woman Knows When a White Woman’s Not Listening” by Marsha Houston.

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